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Starbucks Can’t Get Enough Mobile

Starbucks Cant Get Enough Mobile 300x217 Starbucks Cant Get Enough Mobile

Just as loyal coffee enthusiasts can’t get enough Starbucks, the folks at Starbucks can’t seem to get enough of anything related to mobile.

From mobile apps to mobile payment platforms, Starbucks is on the vanguard of mCommerce advancements that may soon be far more pervasive throughout the retail space than they presently are.

According to new details that have come to light this week, Starbucks has already processed more than 42 million mobile payments. That’s not bad considering that the program just began last year.

From VentureBeat:

In December 2011, Starbucks revealed that it had processed 26 million mobile payments. Adoption continues to grow exponentially, the company said.

“You’re going to see us as a company that will push the envelope around mobile pay,” Starbucks chief digital officer Adam Brotman told VentureBeat. “We want to innovate in that area before others catch up.”

Starbucks Builds Up Rewards Program Membership via In-store Call to Action

Starbucks is ramping up its mobile strategy and encouraging consumers to sign up for its My Starbucks Rewards program via an in-store call to action.

Via the My Starbucks Rewards program, consumers can earn rewards when they pay with their Starbucks Card. Free drinks and refills are one of the perks of the program.

“Starbucks is wise to include SMS in its broad mobile portfolio,” said Jeff Hasen, chief marketing officer at HipCricket.

“While its augmented reality app got, pardon the pun, all the buzz this season, it’s text messaging product is inclusive of nearly all patrons.”

Mr. Hasen is not affiliated with Starbucks, but agreed to comment as a third-party expert.

Starbucks did not respond to press inquiries.

Mobile rewards
The SMS call to action is featured in a small framed poster.


The call to action is positioned near the drink counter so that when consumers wait for their drinks they can text-in to be part of the My Starbucks Rewards program.

The poster reads “Your next drink could be free.”

Consumers are then encouraged to register with any Starbucks Card and they’ll be on their way to getting free drinks and refills, no membership fee and free balance protection.

Users can either register by going to http://www.starbucks.com/register or by texting the keyword GOLD to the short code 697289 (MYSBUX).

When consumers text-in, they receive a message from Starbucks that thanks them for their interest in the program and includes a link to the My Starbucks Rewards page.



When consumers tap on the link, they are redirected to a mobile-optimized page where they can register their Starbucks card.



Consumers can sign-in or create and account to complete the registration process.

When users register their card they can protect their balance incase their card is stolen, earn rewards with each transaction, set up Auto-Reload for their card, view transaction history and transfer balances between their cards.

Consumers can also download the My Rewards iPhone and Android application to keep up with their account.

SMS strategy
Using a mobile call to action such as this an effective way for Starbucks to builds its My Starbucks Rewards program.

Additionally, place the SMS call to action in a location where many consumers are daily is smart.

SMS is a great medium to engage consumers and helps marketers build their database.

Consumers do not need a smartphone to participate and can use their feature phone to text-in.

“Much like Macy’s is doing with Backstage Pass, Starbucks is giving customers choice on how to engage via mobile,” Mr. Hasen said.


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