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Snacking on Mobile Content

You’ve probably never heard the term “snacking” in reference to smartphone activity, but it’s out there.

Think of it like that natural instinct to open the refrigerator and grab a snack when you’re bored, but instead it’s the natural instinct to grab your phone and start doing something on it.

According to eMarketer, Americans armed with smartphones represent a different class of consumers: ones that stand apart from other Americans in the way they shop, communicate, consume media.

This class is referred to as the ‘smartphone class’ and there are about 100 million members.

How are the members of this class distinguishable?

They are always connected, excited by access to real-time information, pass time by watching videos or playing games on their phones, scan mobile barcodes, shop with mobile coupons, make mobile purchases, and more.

You know when you’re sitting in the waiting room at the doctor’s office and you grab a magazine to read to kill the time? Well, the consumers in the smartphone class grab their phones instead—maybe to check their Twitter, surf the Web, play Angry Birds or upload a photo on Instagram.

Whatever it may be, their spare time consists of them engaging in some kind of mobile activity. They are constantly “snacking” on small portions of content on their mobile device throughout the day, keeping them more connected than ever before.

The path to purchase has been completely repaved by these snackers, giving marketers a tremendous opportunity to target them. Also, smartphone penetration and mobile gaming and video consumption are constantly growing, which means so are these opportunities.

I’m definitely a member of this smartphone class, and I’ll admit to being a snacker as well.

Are you part of this class of consumers?

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