Loyalty Marketing

At the SMS Masterminds, we are more than a “product.” We are campaign managers working in a consultative way to understand the needs of our advertisers and develop a custom, fully integrated campaign to deliver optimal results.

Our positioning in the market place is about merging the power of text, mobile apps, social media, web, and traditional marketing and loyalty marketing, and creating a 360 degree campaign that encompasses each one of those aspects to construct the framework for our service-side, consultative approach.

We’ve developed a technology that will provide your advertisers with a way to reward customers for their loyalty. Advertisers can have our Loyalty Rewards Kiosk installed in their business, which will allow a consumer to opt-in to their text marketing campaign by simply entering their phone number into the pad, as well as keep track of each time a customer “checks in” to that business. We can then “reward” loyalty based on how many times they check-in over a given period of time.

Check out our video below for a brief overview of how the Loyalty Rewards Kiosk works.


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