What You Should Know About Mobile App Privacy

If you dabble in the mobile apps realm, you may already know that there’s a lot of buzz going around regarding privacy.

Congress is creating new laws and regulations to make sure companies in the mobile industry are upholding their responsibilities in ensuring users’ privacy. Regulators have been intensifying the discussion in order to force companies to make changes to improve their privacy practices.

In addition, the FTC, California Attorney General and the White House have recently made announcements regarding mobile app privacy.

Regulators want to ensure that customers have access to privacy policy information before they download applications. The California Attorney General announced an agreement with the leading app stores to add a field in the app submission process for developers to include a privacy notice or link to a privacy policy. In addition, the app stores have agreed to provide a way for consumers to report apps that don’t comply with privacy laws.

The White House also announced a data privacy framework that creates a “Consumer Privacy Bill of Rights,” which includes mobile application privacy issues.

This past week, a class-action lawsuit was filed against 18 mobile application companies due to reports that these companies violate privacy laws by stealing users’ address books.

Twitter, Apple and Facebook are among the companies being sued for violating users’ rights.

So, what should mobile application companies due to prevent problems with regulators?

Be transparent about your privacy policy, don’t collect more information than you need, and make sure to protect your users’ information!


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  1. I do agree with your post, many people did suffered this troma due to sms marketing fraud, some fraudee caught but still large number of fruads are penetrating privacy.

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