More Channels, More Success

We saw the theory in action during the Super Bowl commercials: more channels, more success.

Several television Super Bowl ads wisely incorporated mobile apps, QR codes and links to Facebook and Twitter to try and reach consumers from all angles.

Nowadays, while people are watching a basketball game on TV, they might be simultaneously tweeting about the score, texting their friends and playing games on their iPads.

A report from Yahoo and Razorfish revealed that while watching TV, 66% of US mobile device owners multitasked on their laptop or desktop PC on a daily basis, and 49% used the web daily on their mobile phone while watching TV.

With so much multitasking going on in the consumer world right now, there’s no guarantee you’ll reach your target audience with just one medium.

This means brands need to reevaluate their multichannel marketing programs.

A report from Nielson found that businesses engaging in multichannel marketing campaigns are most likely to see increased brand visibility.

The report found that half of U.S. consumers exposed to a particular TV ad recalled viewing the advertisement, but upon being exposed to the ad across multiple screens (TV, computer, mobile phone and tablet), that percentage jumped to 74%.

With the plethora of digital devices and channels, marketers should learn to successfully combine them in order to achieve maximum reach.

Mobile devices are especially important to incorporate in the marketing mix as their global proliferation continues to rise. It’s the one device people have attached to them at all times—of course we need to consider using it to target consumers.

Multichannel marketing requires combining the right channels to reach and engage consumers, so marketers need to find out which channels are worth integrating, and create one big digital marketing plan that encompasses all of them.


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