Bringing Your A Game into the Sales Process

Almost all sales people know what they should be doing in terms of prospecting and closing more sales, but sometimes spending the time to develop and plan the right structure can mean the difference between success and failure. I have seen this many times in my own professional career and thus decided to increase the output of our efforts towards helping our clients with the development and time management aspect of the sales process.

We put together a “Client Planning Worksheet” to help each of our clients set a weekly schedule of their efforts (calls, prospecting, admin, etc), in order to help them understand how much time spent impacts sales results.

How It Works:

The first part of the worksheet features a daily time management schedule, which is where you can fill your calendar with various sales activities, including calls, appointments, and prospecting. For example, maybe on Mondays you make calls from 9:00-12:00 a.m., take a lunch break from 12:00-1:00 p.m., prospecting from 1:00-3:00 p.m., and schedule your appointments from 3:00-5:00 p.m.

The next part of the spreadsheet factors in the sales activities you put in your calendar to show you how much of each activity you will be doing per week. You can enter variables including the percentage of calls and prospecting that typically become appointments, which will then be applied to figure out your weekly totals. For example, if you put that you make 15 calls per hour, and 5% of calls typically become appointments, you will get 1 appointment per hour. Going further, if you make 15 calls per hour and you scheduled yourself with 12 hours of calling each week, you will be making 180 calls per week.

The next part is where sales revenue comes into the picture. The financial projections section forecasts how much revenue our clients will be making based on how many calls they make and the percentage of calls that turn into the appointments, as well as the percentage of appointments that turn into sales.

The worksheet is designed so that our clients can edit their schedule to either add more calls or prospecting per day, which in turn impacts the revenue that will be generated.  It is amazing how much your revenue can increase just by adding a few extra sales calls a day.

Things to Remember:

Sales people—if you take away anything from this, understand that your time is extremely valuable. Make the most of it by coming up with a system that helps you organize your time in the most efficient way possible.

Also, understand the methodology of closing sales. We are visual people. Sometimes it’s hard to conceptualize things until you see something tangible. This worksheet helps our clients visualize how much their activities within the sales process directly impacts the results.

If there’s anything I have consistently noticed throughout my professional career, it’s that there is no substitute for core sales fundamentals.



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