Students Hitting the Books to Learn About Mobile

The proliferation of mobile throughout the world is not easy to miss. There are billions of mobile devices being used across the globe and new technologies like mobile coupons and QR codes continue to present endless opportunities for brands and businesses. Because of the remarkable value of the industry, mobile marketing professionals are increasing in number. So why not start to train younger generations for success in the industry now?

That’s exactly what Rutgers University in New Jersey is doing.

This year, Rutgers launched a program for students to receive a Mini-MBA in Mobile Marketing within the school’s highly ranked business school. The program will teach students about mobile technologies, effective tools, best practices in the industry, rules and regulations, and tracking redemption and ROI for mobile environments—all pieces of knowledge that will no doubt prepare students for a career in the mobile marketing industry.

The mobile landscape is constantly changing and sometimes it’s hard for marketers and mobile marketing professionals to stay up-to-date and informed. Up until now, everything we have learned about mobile has come about through trial and error. Now, the combined efforts of mobile marketing professionals around the world has created a defined set of principles, strategies, and tools that work in the mobile industry and that will help businesses successfully integrate mobile into their marketing mix.

Now that we have set the foundation, it is only natural that these principles and practices will start being taught within the world of academia. Rutgers Mobile Marketing program is yet another illustration of the growing adoption of mobile and the huge amount of progress that has been made in the industry thus far.

Rutgers took the first step the right direction for mobile education, and I believe that soon many more universities will follow suit.


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