How to Get Your Customers to Love You

Don’t you love it when you walk into a store that you frequent often and the owner greets you by name? No one can deny a certain sense of excitement when they are recognized and acknowledged. A positive and personalized interaction with businesses is what keeps customers coming back each time.

All businesses, no matter the industry, need and want loyal customers. Getting a customer to buy from you is the first step, but even more important is getting them to love buying from you.

Businesses can do this by continually providing them with value. Customers value top-notch products, relevant deals and outstanding customer service. You can get customers to know and love you by developing a relationship with them—customers want to know that they can count on you. If they choose you, amongst the competition, as their go-to business, you better not disappoint them or you better bet they will move right on to the next one.

Here’s where mobile loyalty comes into the equation. If you’ve ever wondered why mobile marketing has taken off in such a big way, it’s because it allows business to interact with their customers in a way like never before.

Say you’re the owner of a sandwich shop and you want to find a way to drive more traffic into your business and increase your ROI. Which is more personal—putting a print ad in the local newspaper or sending a text message out to your customers offering them an immediate deal? Without a doubt, the text message.

Businesses must know how to profile their customers. Get personal with them. Find out their interests, needs, and wants. Personalize their experience and you can guarantee they’ll love buying from you.


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  1. there are alot of elements that’s revolutionary & profitable like the reductive time involved in advert. formulation because the relative dynamic involved in the marketing process are more effectively complete in farless time thus making the cost of advertising&marketing anew added increase to profit margins (what ilike to call ) radical profit conversion, there is only somuch in demographic market expansion. population linearity almost always removes or damages our invaluable and irreplaceable resources more so in demand areas because of services accessibillity demand this demand is being transformed by cross borderlines of electronic communications and other efficientcies call it the new business order…….

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