5 Reasons Why Every Brand Needs to Think About Mobile First

Mobile is no longer considered a mere supplement to other mediums in a brand’s marketing mix, but instead is being considered a fundamental component. This article presents five reasons why brands need to start putting mobile at the forefront.

The reality is that mobile is no longer about the phone, it’s about being connected. Many predict that mobile Internet traffic will soon surpass that of traditional wired broadband. For enterprise brands and agencies, this trend is proving to be a disruptive force that is completely changing the way that marketing and advertising campaigns are being developed. Here are the five reasons that every brand needs to think mobile first.

1.  Large and Growing Audience:  According to CTIA, there are more than 300 million mobile phones in the U.S., which is almost on par with our current population of 312 million people. From a global perspective, there are more than 5 billion mobile subscribers. The rate of adoption for mobile is incredible, especially as compared to personal computers. In June 2008, Gartner reported that 1 billion people had PCs and estimated that number would reach 2 billion by 2014.

2.  Consumer Demand:  Unlike traditional methods of marketing/advertising such as direct mail, online banners and e-mail, mobile campaigns are based on an opt-in or expressed user actions like browsing or using an application. As a result, consumers are more likely to be engaged and responsive. According to a 2010 Harris Interactive poll, 42 percent of men and women between the ages of 18 and 34 identified themselves as interested in receiving text alerts from marketers.

3.  Ability to Personalize:  Mobile numbers are tied to a person, where an internet connection is not. The demographic, geographic and device-type information tied to a mobile number gives marketers and advertisers the ability to create highly personalized campaigns.

4.  Superior Response Rates: According to an Opus Research report,  mobile marketing/advertising is far superior to that of traditional online campaigns with response rates that are often twice to 10 times higher. In terms of ROI, that’s a staggering number.

5.  Constant Access:  Mobile phones are our constant companions, providing almost unlimited access to the content we crave, regardless of location or time of day. According to a recent CNBC article, 75% of people polled never leave home without their mobile phone.

About the author

Kevin McGuire, is the vice president of product for Motricity, which delivers relevance-driven merchandising, marketing and advertising solutions for mobile operators, brands and advertising agencies. Kevin has been on the forward edge of mobile applications and platforms for over 12 years, leading product, marketing and engineering teams at start-ups and Fortune 500 companies, including Microsoft, Alcatel and Adenyo.

Article found at: http://www.mobilemarketingwatch.com/5-reasons-why-every-brand-needs-to-think-about-mobile-first-18821/


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