Jumptap Survey Reveals Targeting as The Primary Aim of Mobile Marketers

According to the findings of the Jumptap and Digiday State of Mobile Advertising Survey, targeting and reach are the most important parts of a mobile marketing partner.

Jumptap, a formidable and widely recognized leader in this realm of targeted mobile advertising, finds that the majority of agencies and advertisers purchase and engage with mobile advertising through ad networks.

“Providing agencies and advertisers with what they need to make mobile advertising simple and their campaigns smarter, is critical to growing the medium,” says Paran Johar, CMO, Jumptap. “Our latest Q3 report illustrates not only the current status of the industry, but what is important to advertisers as they make their mobile advertising purchase decisions. Advertisers and agency clients are spending an average of $420k and $668k respectively, and are expecting accurate audience based targeting from their media partners. Jumptap consistently strives to be the leader in targeted mobile advertising with a reach of more than 95 million users.”

Among other notable findings:
•    79 percent of advertisers and agencies engage in mobile marketing and advertising; of those, 66 percent began mobile efforts in the past five years.
•    While most surveyed advertisers and agencies spend an average of six percent of their marketing budget on mobile, the majority plan to increase spending by 35 percent in the coming year.
•    Advertisers and agencies ranked targeting and reach as the most important attributes of a mobile marketing partner; the list also included creative options, price and reputation.
•    More advertisers and agencies buy mobile through ad networks than any other resource, including direct from publishers and exchanges.

Jumptap says it will present the full research study at Digiday: Mobile in New York City on September 21st.


Original article found at: http://www.mobilemarketingwatch.com/jumptap-survey-reveals-targeting-as-the-primary-aim-of-mobile-marketers-18600/


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