The Be-All, End-All, Or Just the End?

There’s a lot of dispute about new marketing tools and which ones are the right ones to use for businesses.

Well, it depends.

All businesses are different, which is why each one needs to figure out what works for them. New technologies like social and mobile marketing have been getting mixed reactions from businesses owners. Some reject the idea of social marketing, while others utilize it to the fullest, which is why businesses can’t just fly by the seat of their pants when choosing which marketing tools to employ. There are several things to take into consideration before jumping into a marketing plan that you just think will work.

As for social media, if you’re the kind of business that communicates regularly with customers, it can be very beneficial. However, some sites work better for B2B businesses and some work better for B2C businesses. Many B2B industries are having more success with Twitter, while B2C businesses prefer Facebook for listening to customers and building a reputation.

These days, when people want to find out information about a business, often times they first check to see if they have a Facebook Page. And even if the Facebook Page isn’t the first thing they look for, they will definitely see it pop up on Google search results if the business has one.

Regardless of what industry you’re in, it’s a good idea to at least test out the waters and find out if certain tools can work for your business instead of dismissing them right off the bat. The same goes for mobile marketing.

With mobile, there are a number of tools to choose from. The cell phone is really the first piece of technology that people started carrying with them all the time, so capitalizing on that trend is a no-brainer. Figure out whether your businesses should use mobile coupons, loyalty programs, contests, sweepstakes, QR codes, or all of the above.

We shared an article several weeks ago about a woman who said Groupon ruined her business. However, there are plenty of people out there who swear that it’s the best thing that ever happened to theirs.

Businesses need to know their margins in order to know how they will make a profit from their marketing efforts. Who is your normal customer? What is the problem you’re trying to fix? A software company probably has very different needs and business priorities than a donut shop, and thus may go down opposite marketing paths.

Maybe businesses don’t see social and mobile marketing as the be-all, end-all, but that doesn’t mean they can’t help. Some people are still focused on traditional marketing and word of mouth marketing (and those are still powerful tools), but the other forms are catching up–and gaining popularity fast.

Maybe certain tools aren’t right for everyone, or maybe it’s just the way you’re utilizing them. You just have to know when they make sense for your business.


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