Who, What, When, and How of Marketing

Mobile, social, and web platforms have become some of the most effective tools for marketers because of the ability for brands to track the effectiveness of their campaigns through real time feedback and communication with consumers.

However, many marketers are hesitant to spend a lot of money on mobile ads and social networks because of their reservations in regards to return on investment.

A study by The Relevancy Group found that 93 percent of marketers said they would increase mobile ad spending if they realized a higher return on their investment. In a survey by Forrester Research, 62 percent of respondents said the returns on social marketing are unclear, which is why they remain skeptical about pursuing it for their business.

Here’s their problem: You can’t just send out whatever you want, to whoever you want, whenever you want. Your campaigns, whether through mobile, social, or email platforms, must be strategically planned and targeted to bring about the best results. After all, not all audiences are equal.

Who to send it to?

Know your target market. Don’t waste your time trying to engage consumers who have no interest in your product or service.  It’s about reaching the right audience.

What to send?

Getting the attention of consumers on web, mobile, and social platforms can be difficult. Humans ignore thousands of advertisements each day, which is why businesses need to know how to make their message stand out among the rest. Figure out who your target market is and communicate your message accordingly.

When to send it?

Timing must be impeccable. Again, know your target audience. When is the best time to send a text offer to subscribers? When is the right time to communicate with consumers on social media platforms? A study by Jumptap says lunchtime is the best time to reach consumers with mobile ads, while the best time to reach consumers on social media is typically early morning or evening.

Also, marketers must know that timing will vary for each industry. The best time for a restaurant to send out an offer for 2-for-1 dinner is probably the morning or afternoon of that same day. On the other hand, a resort would probably send out their offer for a weekend getaway earlier in the week, as it’s something that generally needs more planning ahead of time.

How to send it?

With the surfeit of marketing tools out there, find out which one(s) is/are best for your business. Will you better reach your target audience through an email? Is your target market active on Facebook or Twitter? Are they text-messagers? Or do they prefer to communicate on more business-oriented platforms like LinkedIn?

Do some research to better understand your target audience and find out which channel is right for your business.

Understanding how your customers act and what drives their purchasing decisions will help you figure out the Who, What, When, and How of marketing to your target audience. Who knows, what’s right for them today may not be right for them a year or two from now.

Go the extra mile to get to know your audience and the returns will follow.


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