Need for Leads: Hot Pursuit

The competition in the business world can be daunting, which is why your business is more than likely starting to branch out to many different channels in order to generate leads and close more sales.

It’s one thing to generate new inquiries and prospects, but it’s another to keep those leads interested and ultimately convert them into sales. Text messaging, social media, and other new technologies are being used to communicate with potential opportunities and current leads in order to keep them engaged in a business’ message—hopefully enough to secure the deal.

Mobile is being utilized as a communication and lead retention tool. Without conversation, there is essentially a barrier between the business and the lead. The nature of text messaging makes it easy for businesses to exchange dialogue with leads and listen to what they have to say. Other technologies, such as easy to use mobile websites and well-designed Facebook Pages, can also help convert visitors to leads.

It’s important to remember that if someone is interested in what your business has to offer, they want to know that it’s legitimate. This means they will search all over the Web and dig up any information they can in order to find out more about your business. They will check your website, Facebook Page, Twitter, blog—anything they can find—to see if it’s something worth investing in.

There is a definite value in communicating with potential opportunities and leads from all angles. Sure, you accumulate dozens of new opportunities and leads each week, but what are you doing to convert them?

Aside from following up with leads by phone or email, make your business’ online presence known. Make the most of your hard-earned leads by giving them something to talk about while they’re waiting for that call.




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