Mobile Use Not Just for On-the-Go Consumers: Study

A recent study by InsightExpress shows that more people are using their mobile phones from home or work, not necessarily just when they’re on-the-go.

The quick rise of mobile has signaled that consumers want information and content in new ways, but a new study shows that mobile is past the point of only being used for on-the-go consumers.

The study conducted by InsightExpress points to data that shows increased smartphone use at home, including watching videos, updating social networks and playing games. Additionally, the study shows that consumers are using mobile devices more than computers to access their emails and browse the Internet.

“The increase in smartphone use at home tells me is that we’re well past the stage of mobile being only an on-the-go medium, and marketers need to adjust their strategy to reflect this changing behavior,” said Joy Liuzzo, senior director at Insight Express, Stamford, CT.

Supreme smartphone
The study found that smartphone users in general engaged mobile features more than other mobile users with 69 percent of smartphone users browsing Internet sites on a weekly basis compared to 28 percent of all mobile users.

The data also shows that smartphone users are spending substantial time with it at home, contrary to the idea that the device is only used for on-the-go consumers.

For example, users sent 45 percent of text messages from home, sent 47 percent of pictures and watched 51 percent of videos on their smartphones while at home.

In addition to using smartphones at home, the data also found that smartphone owners engage with their devices at work, whether it is for sending text messages or interacting with apps.

“We found that even if people have a computer with Internet access in front of them most of the day at work, they are still using their mobile to browse the Internet, do email, use apps and update social networks,” Ms. Liuzzo said.

Specifically, 36 percent of consumers said they have sent personal emails from their mobile devices while at work, even though they have access to a desktop computer with Internet.

The study also found that the top categories of content that users engaged with while at work included weather, social networking sites and local news.

Best mobile practices
In addition to looking at mobile use in general, the study also observed the effectiveness of advertising campaigns via mobile versus Web.

Using data from November 2007 to December 2010, the study found that consumer ad awareness on mobile was 23 percent effective while only 8 percent effective on Web platforms.

The study also shows that consumer purchase intent is 11 percent effective on mobile and only 3 percent effective on the Web.

“Mobile has not stopped evolving, and if anything we’re seeing a more rapid evolution of behaviors,” Ms. Liuzzo said.

“Mobile is developing into a nexus of consumers’ lives.

“It flows between cannibalizing and supplementing other media and activities, depending on consumer whims,” she said.


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