New Loyalty Rewards Kiosk

A fundamental truth to effective marketing: if the message is timely and relevant to a buying decision, the consumer is happy to receive it. Combine that with the concept of Loyalty Marketing, and things get really interesting.

As marketers in the digital age, there is no excuse for not leveraging the tools and data at our disposal to improve the consumer experience. If they find greater value in your messaging, the advertiser wins. These fundamentals lead the SMS Masterminds to one of our recent innovations: our Loyalty Rewards Kiosk.

This touch screen device, positioned at the point of sale, is a combination between the old school punch loyalty card (buy 10 get one free) and our real-time Text Message Marketing.

It is simple, engaging, and effective. Not only does it engender loyalty between the consumer and advertiser, rewarding that consumer for coming back to their favorite bar, restaurant, gas station, golf course, etc., but it gives the advertiser permission to reach out via text message and share VIP communications like last minute discounts, new product offerings, special events and more.

The residual effects are staggering. Now the consumer is interacting with the advertiser through multiple media – including their most precious method of communication: their mobile phone.

The system is designed to compute and analyze the consumer data, understanding their habits and optimizing communication. If a consumer hasn’t been in for a month, the text message may say “We miss you! A month is too long! Come visit us today and take 50% off your meal”. For the regular visitor, the text message may read “We love you! Thank you for being a great customer! Bring your friends in tonight for a free appetizer!”

Every good marketer tries to tailor messaging based on demographics and circumstance – this gives us incredible power to do so.



5 responses

  1. This is very exciting, I am so glad to be a part of this business!

  2. this is super cool..

  3. amazing marketing idea , I would like to be part of that business

    1. Thanks, we appreciate the feedback! If you’d like to talk to anyone at our company, just give us a call! (877) 541-8398

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