Balance is Good for Business

The SMS Masterminds Team participating in "Miracle Miles for Kids," a 10K run benefiting foster and high-needs children and families.

Those of you that know me are likely to be familiar with my ramblings about BALANCE. No, I’m not talking about my lack of balance on a surfboard (no, not all Californians can surf), but the importance of balancing out your professional and personal life as you strive towards success.

Although it often sounds like a cliché, the importance of managing a good balance between work and play has proven itself to be an essential part of success. Think for a second: do you know people with plenty of money that are unhappy or unhealthy? Do you know broke people without a care in the world? This leads us to the undeniable conclusion that the word “success” is in the eye of the beholder, and thus requires more introspection and definition than just “being rich.”

Case in point, last weekend, the SMS Masterminds participated in a 10K run called “Miracle Miles for Kids” benefiting foster and high-needs children and families. This served as a great opportunity for our little team to reach for a goal outside of professional success, enrich our own lives, and participate in something that will benefit the world around us.

If I were to list out all of the benefits to participating in an event like this, it would be longer than you would care to read. It is best summarized with one of my favorite words: BALANCE. My little team here had an opportunity to motivate each other to push beyond our comfort zones (this is the farthest most of us have ever run), and we got to feel good about doing something meaningful outside of the office.

In my previous blog, I wrote about passion being a driver for success, and without BALANCE, passion is sure to fizzle out. When building a business, we advocate strong fundamentals, good planning and consistency. In the office here, we call it “business tempo” – there is no reason for people to be running around franticly reacting to challenges. We find that by incorporating a strong sense of BALANCE into our business environment and personal lives, our ability to anticipate and meet challenges improves substantially, improving the satisfaction of our clients and our overall success.

I like to joke: “If you want to impress me, don’t tell me you’re rich…tell me you got rich by working 6 hours per day!”

Anyone considering  investing in a business, I would encourage you to factor these concepts into that decision. As challenging as it may sound, once you make the investment in BALANCING your life, all aspect of your life will improve, including your business.

Alex Minicucci, CEO/Founder
SMS Masterminds


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