Full Circle Marketing

When I think of a circle, I picture a hula-hoop. Don’t ask me why this kids toy comes to mind, perhaps it goes back to some kind of childhood memory, but that’s neither relevant nor the point I’m trying to make.  The point is, the circle is the only shape that will smoothly and synergistically revolve with perpetual motion and this is exactly how we need to thinking of marketing.

With advertisers taking advantage of so many different forms of media we have a unique challenge trying to bring synergy to it all.  Keep in mind that as the wheel turns powered by the dollars of your advertiser, the g-forces will test the viability of every point in the marketing plan and if there is a weakness, it will be found, it will break and there will be WASTE!

Don’t let your advertiser’s campaign bleed till weak, broke and unable to go on any further (if they let you get that far)!  A proactive look at what your clients are doing and where their money is being spent will allow you to foresee the bleed and much like good vitamins and exercise to the body,  provide preventive maintenance to keep the circle strong and refined.

How do we create that synergy when it’s lost?  How do we get the momentum to keep the hula-hoop circling and going as if completely on its own effort?

Step 1: MOBILE

Taking your clients mobile by implementing a text campaign and mobile websites allows customers to engage with your advertisers like never before.   Customers will be able to identify themselves in the moment of inspiration by simply taking out their phone and responding to a call to action.  Mobile is what brings synergy to a marketing campaign by maximizing advertising budgets and by building a sustainable long term relationship with customers.

Step 2:  Go back to the basics… ENERGY, FOCUS and PATIENCE.

Setting proper expectations coupled with a follow through to meet and exceed those expectations allow for proper synergy and momentum.   Investment is a big factor in this… No relationship will succeed without a selfless investment and neither can a marketing plan.  Your advertiser must be willing to budget and plan for success without penny pinching and sucking the life out of the campaign.  Remember that this figurative hula-hoop is powered by money/energy and the goal here is to create more energy (money) than is being spent.   This will require some patients, refining and learning as you first work together.  Trying to shape a circle with an axe and hammer pounding, beating and trying to chop it into shape will not work and ultimately leads to failure.  By implementing a text message campaign and Integrated Media Management approach the refining process will take shape and you’ll be receiving maximum return on investment!

Relationships with your advertisers don’t have to fail.  Of course some will fail because expectations have been set to high from the beginning, but the relationship must go full circle with all elements working together.  Synergy!


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