Integrated Media Management: Active and Passive Marketing

As marketing professionals, we are torn between holding dear the media and experience we consider our “core competency”, and venturing out to utilize the “latest and greatest” tools to achieve our goals. Shall we use what “we know works” or give something new a try?

When taking a close look at history, few “new media” opportunities were exceptionally well received.  Even radio and TV were met with a skeptical eye – not because they didn’t have potential, but because advertisers were reluctant to redirect dollars from something delivering comfortable results to something without a track record.

Fast forward to 2011 – the same scenario. It is an exciting time, but I would argue it is the most challenging for us marketers. We have choices – MANY of them. Not only “traditional” versus “electronic” media, but many variations of each. Then throw in “social media” and your head can spin. Sure, social media sounds good…but whatever did happen to that little site…MySpace?

It’s impossible to deny the impact Facebook has had on the marketing landscape, but I am still a skeptic when it comes to measuring tangible results from a moderately sized Facebook effort. Many small to medium sized business owners scratch their head as they setup a Facebook page, wait for people to start rolling in, and…nothing.

There is no silver bullet in marketing, and in spite of the excitement and rapid growth for sites like Facebook, ALL marketing must be implemented with solid fundamentals. This is where it gets interesting…

Consider the idea of Integrated Media Management – the combination of traditional and electronic media to target consumers in both an ACTIVE and PASSIVE way to build brand loyalty, strengthening a strong call to action at a moment of decision.

Hence, the explosion of Text Message Marketing – the missing piece of the puzzle. People are running around all day long obsessed with their mobile devices, sending messages back and forth at an average of 100 per day for those around 20 years old. This is a marketer’s dream! EVERY message gets read, typically within 60 seconds!?! Sign me up!

Wait a second…I already said there is NO silver bullet in marketing. So, let’s not get carried away. With thoughtful analysis, we can see the pros and cons of Text Message Marketing, and leverage it as a tool in our “toolbox” to round out what could be the most interactive and comprehensive campaign ever.

What I like about Text Message Marketing: it is universal, quick, and ‘disruptive’. It works on virtually ANY phone made in the last 10 years. It does not require a production team to design a video or sound bite to deliver the message. It can impact a business within a minutes, not weeks. It can modify consumer behavior by presenting an offer at the most opportune time.

Compelling? You bet. Exciting? Definitely. Easy? Absolutely not. Search the web for Text Message Marketing and you’ll discover a handful of failed tests denouncing Text Message Marketing as inadequate. My response – when used in the wrong capacity, I agree.

Great marketing is not about the tools we use, it is the application of the right tool for the job. We have seen the integration of traditional, social and mobile media deliver unprecedented results when combined with thoughtful planning, analysis and execution.

Do you dare to try something new?

Alex Minicucci, CEO/Founder
SMS Masterminds


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