Virtues of Permission-based Advertising

We are bombarded by advertising everywhere we look. When we listen to music, watch TV, drive around…even when we pay $15 to see a movie we get advertisements for the first 10 minutes (Did I really just pay to watch these?)

Successful advertising contains two critical elements: it must be timely and relevant to the viewer.

Thus, the proliferation of electronic media – the ability to better understand the habits of your consumer. Take that principal one step further, consider the ability for consumers to control what advertisements they receive. Their favorite restaurants, dry cleaner, golf course, bed and breakfast, concert venues and more.

Then take it another step – deliver a short, meaningful message to that consumer no matter where they are via their mobile phone….

What develops is an intuitive way to give consumers what they WANT, WHEN they want –timely and relevant opportunities to save money at their favorite places to shop.

What some traditional advertising folks once considered to be a hindrance is now proving to be the lynchpin of an emerging industry. Asking your consumer for permission to send messages to them doesn’t slow the advertising process down, it qualifies it in a way never seen before. Now you know your message will be read by someone in the market for that good or service. Conversion rates go up from the resulting consumer satisfaction. At the end of the day, great advertising should please your consumer.

Although the temptation to leverage text message marketing as SPAM sounds appealing, the results liken back to email marketing – poor conversion and client satisfaction. By operating a text marketing campaign with a high degree of integrity and transparency, you’re able to create an intimate and mutually beneficial connection between advertiser and consumer.


Alex Minicucci, CEO/Founder
SMS Masterminds


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