Rolling With the Changes

Text message marketing is spreading across the world like wildfire.

The mobile phone has grown to be the biggest channel of communication in the world, and while most marketers and business owners are embracing it with full force, others still remain wary of its effectiveness. Perhaps they don’t understand the technology that encompasses it, or maybe they just aren’t savvy with text messaging and cell phones in general.

Whatever their reason is, they will soon recognize the inevitability of the changes. Technology can be overwhelming and the thought of transitioning from traditional marketing channels may be scary, but the revolution is already underway. It’s about finding your feet in it and properly leveraging the opportunities.

When the first Kodak camera was invented in the 19th century, people were skeptical of the new technology and even called photography an invasion of privacy. But it wasn’t long before they came to terms with the technology and welcomed it with open arms. Now look at us! Many of us probably couldn’t imagine living without cameras.

It’s all about adapting and getting used to the changes. Just like the camera, the mobile industry will develop and improve exponentially over time. Mobile devices aren’t going away anytime soon.

Mobile is changing the face of marketing, but it isn’t necessarily ousting traditional channels from the marketing empire. Instead it’s boosting the success of those channels. Mobile works anytime, anywhere. Consumers don’t have to be flipping through a newspaper or driving by a billboard to see the messages that businesses send out. Instead, the messages come to the consumer.

They don’t have to worry about being bombarded with barrages of unsought, irrelevant advertisements everywhere they look. Instead, consumers CHOOSE to opt-in to businesses’ campaigns on their own in order to receive text messages from them. With a permission-based marketing campaign, businesses can interact with their clients and build a more personal relationship with them that other marketing campaigns would not be able to.

Mobile marketing allows for businesses to use promos and sweepstakes that engage customers instead of overwhelm them. Apart from that, the reach is unsurpassed. Nowadays, almost everyone is connected to a mobile device, so why not take advantage of the immediate, interactive marketing approach that mobile offers.

The consumer audience is now living in a globalized and mobilized world and their attitudes are shifting. Marketers can no longer afford to ignore the transformation and the relevance of the mobile channel in today’s marketplace.

Turn the page and move on to the next chapter of marketing. It really isn’t that scary after all.


2 responses

  1. Mobile Marketing is growing by leaps and bounds and will likely continue to in the future. As more and more people are using smartphones is only makes sense that advertise will use this medium to reach customers.

    1. Very true! Thanks for your insight!

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