Mobile: The Industry of the Future

Take your stake in the mobile marketing game, because the industry is booming with success.

With so many new innovations in mobile technology flooding the market—smart phones, mobile web, and social media platforms—it’s no wonder the trend is moving to the fore so quickly.

Let’s think about the facts. Cell phones have become the nucleus of people’s lives in the past decade. Approximately 90% of the U.S. population owns one, and about 98% of those cell phones are SMS-enabled. What’s even more remarkable is that about 99% of all text messages are read by recipients—most within three minutes. You do the math.

The newer generations are constantly on-the-go, engaged in their mobile devices, and more technology savvy than those in the past, which is why the marketing world has learned to adapt. Understanding those trends and leveraging the mobile opportunities is absolutely essential to marketing in the future.

eMarketer, a group dedicated to research and trend analysis on digital marketing and media, projects that the global market for text message marketing will reach $12 billion in 2011.

The reality is that mobile has an advantage over other advertising mediums. It’s relevant, instantaneous, personalized, and the reach is beyond compare.

At Google Inc.’s Think Mobile today, Dennis Woodside, senior vice president of the Americas at Google said, “We believe that mobile will create the largest technology market ever,” he said. “This market will dwarf the PC and all the PC industry has done.”

With experts expressing such high expectations for the industry, it’s a mystery as to why some businesses aren’t yet channeling the power of mobile.

The industry has hit a global critical mass, and its lightning-fast evolution is nothing like the world has ever seen before. But as the network of mobilized consumers is expanding, so can your business.

Cash in on the opportunities and move forward with the trend. Don’t just sit back and watch as mobile transforms into one of the most lucrative markets in the world. Jump in.


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